Maya Cunat
MFA in Graphic Design, ENSAD Nancy — 2020
BA with honours in Graphic Design, ENSAD Nancy — 2018
Diploma in Graphic Design, ESAAB Nevers — 2016

I'm currently available for commissioned and collaborative projects.


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Please Wait

Please Wait uses a malfunction as a vector image creator. Here is the waiting time when loading images on Instagram which is operated. A suspended time creates itself, a time of waiting, creating blurred images, free images to contemplate and interpret. A time during which the imagination can really begin. Please wait, has a purpose, to give back to the human being his capacity to imagine or simply contemplate abstract forms, absent from any reference point, of any concrete reality.

The Instagram account

Le chant du cygne

110 × 85 mm
26 pages

Le chant du cygne is about memory and identity issues by giving back a woman with Alzheimer's disease her voice. Her husband accompanied her for eighteen years, collecting her words, her writings in her moments of lucidity and her moments of absence.

Où est Jean ? Tu n’es pas Jean.
Il faut appeler Catherine.

Please is always beautiful

350 × 500 mm

From my plastic researches on Frans Masereel’s way of engraving the effects of drapés, I have selected a pattern, which becomes a white flag – universal symbol of peace. As a standard of Frans Masereel's art and values, the flag takes a 3D animation shape and is broadcasted on a digital media, the nowadays most accessible mean of distribution. Peace is always beautiful is an excerpt of the pœm The Sleepers, written by Walt Whitman who shares Frans Masereel’s convictions.

In Memoriam

220 × 300 mm

"In this land where we live, everything is in a hurry to disappear. That's the rule. No one can do anything about it. Time goes, years go, life goes, and we go. Nothing lasts. Everything passes. Without exception."

Jean D'Ormesson, Guide des égarés


Éphémère is a photographic and layout project based on Stefan Zweig's short story " Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme ". This Instagram account shares without filter the happiest twenty-four hours of Mrs. C's life she spends with a young casino player. The photographs replay the striking scenes of the story, depicting the young man from her point of view.

The Instagram account

Ceramic sculpture

1800 × 900 mm

This sculpture was part of the Facing the sky exhibition at the Kerguéhennec Art Center from March to May 2018.

lukinna - an opening in the roof of a house - is defined as an accumulation of soft, flattened bricks on which an imprint has been left, the imprint of a body, now absent, previously installed there, occupied by contemplating the sky.

Désherbage (bibliothèque)/ENSAD x BPI

In 1969 Jean Widmer won the competition for the creation of the Centre Pomidou's communication graphic charter. In his proposal, he did not mention a logo. Indeed, Jean Widmer believes that the use of a logo is incompatible with the idea of a cultural centre. Except a few weeks before the inauguration, at the end of a meeting Claude Mollard, the General Secretary, apostrophe Jean Widmer: "Widmer! We need a logo! If you don't have one, we'll ask someone else! "he threatens. In response, Jean Widmer, teasingly, sketched some sketches on the paper tablecloth of a café opposite the centre and drew the facade opposite him . "I'll do the facade for you". The logo of the Pompidou centre was born.

BA in Graphic Design, 2018

Installation of my works presented during my B.A in Fine Art at ENSA Nancy, in 2018. The installation provides an overview of my work and invites visitors to meander between projects. The use of insulating material resonates with the sensitivity and subjects evoked in my projects.

Diploma obtained with the highest honors of the jury :
Jean-Philippe Bretin et Mafalda Damaso

Sur le vide papier que la blancheur défend

1000 × 700 mm

At the end of the 19th century, Stéphane Mallarmé dreamed of an absolute book that would reflect the world.

The title is a verse from the poem Brise Marine by Stéphane Mallarmé

MFA in Graphic Design, 2020
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